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MLM Web Development

We often come across aspiring business people. These potential entrepreneurs have business ideas and all other essentials to start a business. But they lack a product or service on which they would base their company.

At India MLM Software, we provide products or services, to these entrepreneurs, to start their business. The product with which one deals in the market should be viable and have demand. It should be such a product that the buying and selling of which will contribute to the success of the business. With our wide network in the industry, we help to procure businessmen such viable products.

SMS integration

Keeping in mind the importance of SMS in MLM companies, we have started with our SMS Gateway services. Our IT soultions are integrated with internet SMS gateway as per your requirements. You can also send messages in bulk with our integrated solution. Our web based SMS managements system is extremely intuitive and functional way to send both, individualised as well as bulk messages.

e-Pin generator software

e-pin is the best mode of payment and is very useful for the MLM companies. Most of the companies find it desirable to sell their products by e-pin. This method of collecting payment from the customers is very convenient. Our e-pin generator software manages e-pin and secure the transactions.

Cheque printing software

The software helps you in printing the cheques in your bank’s particular format. For companies like MLM companies, it is very important to issue cheques every month. We set the cheque format according to your bank in which you can put your digital signature.

Bulk SMS Software

With the present era of marketing, the stints like sending season greetings, invitations, business advertisement, notifying customers of deals, promotions, events, mass volume of recruitment notification and job alerts can be very beneficial for the company. This software allows you to send these messages in bulk from the PC to a group of mobile phones.


India MLM Software provides its clients with a unique feature of e-wallet. The member’s/client can store, send and receive funds with these services. The members can also use e-wallet to Generate E-Pins, Register New Members Under his/her downline, Buy Online Products, Re-Purchase the Products. For every day users of e-wallet software allows you to be in complete control of your Money/Payout/Incentive/Funds.

Binary Plan

The binary plan is similar to the 2xInfinity Forced Matrix with a twist. You have two legs in binary, out of which you would earn a commission on the entire volume of your weakest leg. Many binary’s have the system in place that allows you to earn commission at a later on your strongest leg.

Matrix plan

Build a limited length organisation with this plan. Let us consider an example: there are 2*12 groups i.e. two people on the first level and paying 12 levels deep. Others can also be 4*5, 3*9 etc. similarly.

Board plan

With 100% customisations or choice along with most advanced features, this plan provides a variety of board splits to the client to choose from.

Cross Matrix

Recycle entry
Unlimited Income
Automatic move to next-level

Unilevel Plan

It is relatively simple and easy plan which appeal to the distributors initially as it helps them to get paid commissions quickly. However, they tend to become discouraged later when the organisation starts growing to a bigger, especially at deeper levels where they do not get any overriding commissions. This may cause heavy hitters to move to another company that pays more.